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How Do I Register Online?

The Driving Center has partnered itself with Driving Brilliance, for Online Driver Education classroom instruction.

Driving Brilliance is one of the approved courses which has been recognized by the Indiana BMV to replace the conventional 30 hours of classroom instruction.

In our opinion we strongly feel that Driving Brilliance is the premier Online Driver Education course offered for students.  It was created by Indiana resident Mr. Kyle Boots.


Steps for Online Instruction:


• Complete the Registration form  at www.TheDrivingCenterOnline.net.

(We have the Online course set up to allow the student to begin and take up to 50% of the course before it stops them from going any further. It then instructs them to contact the Driving Center to pay the deposit fee)


• Pay a minimum of $100.00 which would cover the Online portion of the course.

• Complete the 30 hours of Online instructional material through www.TheDrivingCenterOnline.net.

• Pay the additional $250.00 for the six hours of behind the wheel instruction.

• After the balance has been paid we will issue the CDE form to the student.

• The student will take the CDE form and the necessary documents to the BMV to secure their learner permit.

• Once the permit has been secured the 6 one hour driving sessions will then be scheduled.

• The student will need to complete the behind the wheel instruction to finish the course.•




*Please note: Paying the $100.00 for the Online Classroom “only” will NOT meet the requirements to obtain your permit.